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Bakalowits Licht Design

О дизайне

BAKALOWITS Licht Design - Customized, prestigious lighting products from Vienna. Since the BAKALOWITS chandelier manufactory was founded in 1845 by Elias Bakalowits, the company has had an eventful history and development.

Ludwig, the son of Elias, made the BAKALOWITS production famous throughout the Austro - Hungarian empire. The company was appointed to the position of Imperial and Royal Court Purveyor with a lighting order for the New Imperial Palace and the Redoutensäale under Emperor Franz Joseph in 1892.

Since 1885 first exports to Amercia and Asia started. That is why we were able to educate ourselfs in packing and transportation to the whole world ever since. The trail of light from BAKALOWITS company continues in different exhibitions for example in London, Geneva, St. Petersburg and Turin as well as the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

In 1955 our company made another step forward and provided the new illuminations for historical buildings in Vienna destroyed or damaged in the Second World War - we reproduced for the Parliament, the Burgtheater, the City Hall, The Vienna State Opera, the St. Stephans Cathedral and many more.

Since the 1960s BAKALOWITS started to work for the Middle and Far East countries.
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